RMRP 2020 Planing Guide - September 2019 [EN]

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Type de document: Guidance
Type de document: English
Date de publication: 2 September 2019 (il y a 7 mois)
Créé: 2 September 2019 (il y a 7 mois)
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RMRP 2020 Planing Guide - September 2019 [EN]

Type de document: Guidance
Langue(s): English
The Regional RMRP covers the immediate support by the national and international multilateral community for existing and estimated needs for 2020. It does not constitute a long-term development framework, nor does it substitute Government’s national response plans. Activities under the RMRP bridge immediate response activities and longer-term development endeavours.


  • Regional Inter-agency Coordination Platform


  •  Protection
  •  Livelihood & Social cohesion
  •  Capacity Building / Training
  •  Basic Needs


  • Venezuela
  • South America

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Unknown Venezuela - Asylum-seekers, Venezuela - Refugees/Migrants  (PDF, 1.68 MB)