DAFI Scholarship Programme Application Form

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Date de publication: 6 June 2019 (il y a 1 an)
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DAFI Scholarship Programme Application Form

Type de document: Rapports
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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS FOR DAFI SCHOLARSHIP Are you a young refugee (not more than 28 years old) who have completed secondary school and need financial support to obtain a degree or diploma from a University or other higher institute? If you fall into this group, you are invited to apply for limited new DAFI Scholarships (25 slots). This scholarship programme is funded by the German Government and administered by UNHCR with the goal of helping refugees to access higher education. Application forms are free of charge and are available at UNHCR Partners’ offices (JDPC, NCFRMI, FJDP, and Caritas) and UNHCR offices. Applicants are encouraged to attach photocopy of final or provisional letter of admission from a university or higher institute to completed DAFI application forms as this will be given a priority consideration as part of the selection process. Completed applications should be submitted by 30 June 2019 to UNHCR office. The date of the interview will be communicated to the pre-selected applic


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