Needs Assessment in Zarqa

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Tipo de documento: Evaluaciones
Tipo de documento: English
Publicado: 1 April 2014 (hace 6 años)
Subido: 20 August 2019 (Hace 1 año)
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Needs Assessment in Zarqa

Tipo de documento: Evaluaciones
Idioma del documento: English
This needs assessment has been conducted as an internal study of Terres des hommes Italia (Tdh Italia) with the objective of understanding the main needs present among the Syrian community of Zarqa’ City. In specific the population involved in the needs assessment is living in the neighborhoods close to the SFWS which is Tdh Italia’s partner in Zarqa’. This was the chance to start establishing a first contact with Syrian refugees living in the area close to the Center in order to establish a first communication and relation with them.


  • Terre Des Hommes- Italy


  •  Health
  •  Education
  •  Shelter / Other Infrastructure


  • Jordan
  • Zarqa Governorate

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Desconocido Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees  (PDF, 481.81 KB)