Interagency in WASH assessment in Jordan, September

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Tipo de documento: Evaluaciones
Tipo de documento: English
Publicado: 1 April 2014 (hace 6 años)
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Interagency in WASH assessment in Jordan, September

Tipo de documento: Evaluaciones
Idioma del documento: English
his report describes the findings of an interagency WASH assessment conducted in Jordan (governorates of Mafraq, Irbid, Ajloun, Jerash, Balqa and Zarqa) in September – October 2013, covering 29 BSUs.1 With a focus on water supply, sanitation / wastewater, and solid waste management, the assessment aimed to identify needs in WASH at the communal level, and to suggest possible responses to those needs.


  • Mercy Corps
  • Relief International
  • United Nations Children's Fund


  •  Water Sanitation Hygiene
  •  Shelter / Other Infrastructure


  • Jordan
  • Zarqa Governorate
  • Irbid Governorate
  • Mafraq Governorate
  • Balqa Governorate
  • Jarash Governorate
  • Ajlun Governorate

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