CCCM Cluster Somalia Dashboard as of April 2020

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CCCM Cluster Somalia Dashboard as of April 2020

نوع الوثيقة: Dashboards & Factsheets
اللغة: English
CCCM partners have completed or have ongoing COVID-19 risk communication activities in 852 IDP sites, from the total 2,134 IDP sites in Somalia. This activity has covered 999,206 individuals (38 per cent out of total 2.6 million). CCCM partners held demonstrations highlighting good hand-washing practices and social distancing measures in IDP communities. CCCM partners administered a diverse range of information sharing methods such as small group discussions, training with Camp Management Committee members (CMCs) and site leaders on COVID-19 prevention and using loudspeakers/megaphones or household-level awareness to disseminate key messages. Partners translated the WHO/MoH approved RCCE materials (pictures and posters) into Somali language including the use of Maay dialect as a means of reaching a broader audience.


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