Durable solutions for refugees from Syria are based on a comprehensive protection and solutions strategy which seeks to: i) support host country and community resilience; ii) enable refugee self-reliance, including access to services, legal work opportunities and livelihoods; iii) expand access to resettlement in third countries and other complementary pathways, and; iv) plan for the return of refugees to Syria, on a voluntary basis, when conditions for a safe, dignified and sustainable return are in place.
Registered Refugees from Syria JSON 
Last updated 19 Apr 2018
Source - UNHCR, Government of Turkey 
Registered Refugees from Syria - Breakdown by Country of Asylum JSON 
Location name Source Data date Population
Egypt UNHCR 31 Mar 2018
Iraq UNHCR 31 Mar 2018
Jordan UNHCR 7 Apr 2018
Lebanon UNHCR 31 Mar 2018
Other (North Africa) UNHCR 15 Mar 2018
Turkey Government of Turkey, UNHCR 19 Apr 2018

Resettlement Submissions of Syrian Refugees 2014 - 2018 JSON 
Last updated 31 Mar 2018
Source - UNHCR 
Due to limited resettlement places, and small number of the most vulnerable refugees are submitted by UNHCR for resettlement, including women and children traumatized by war, sick and injured civilians who cannot access adequate healthcare, and other victims who continue to be affected by the crisis. In 2017, resettlement submissions from 3RP countries reduced by 52% compared to 2016 due to limited resettlement places. In contrast, the number of registered Syrian refugees increased from 4.8 million (end-2016) to 5.6 million today. The number of refugees meeting resettlement criteria and severity of their vulnerabilities continue to escalate.
Resettlement Submissions of Syrian Refugees by Year JSON 
Self-Organized Refugee Returns to Syria 2015-2018 JSON 
Last updated 31 Mar 2018
Source - UNHCR 
Self-Organized Refugee Returns to Syria by Year JSON 

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Contact for the Regional Durable Solutions Working Group
Jason Hepps,
Regional Documents
UNHCR - Durable Solutions
Finding solutions that enable refugees to live their lives in dignity and peace is a core part of UNHCR’s work. They can include voluntary repatriation, integration, and resettlement and complementary pathways.
Here, refugees and asylum-seekers can find information to help them know more about their rights, obligations and the services available to them.