Refugees from Burundi: Post-Influx

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Refugees from Burundi: Post-Influx JSON 
Last updated 01 Nov 2017
Source - UNHCR, Government 
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Last updated 31 Dec 2014
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Last updated 01 Nov 2017
Source - UNHCR, Government 
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An EXCOM donor mission from Geneva visited Uganda to gain a deeper understanding of UNHCR and partners responses to refugee influxes.
14 Apr 2016
A total of 18,807 Burundian refugees have been received in Uganda since the onset of the influx.
13 Jan 2016
As end of October 2015 Uganda host more than half a million refugee majority are from DR Congo, South Sudan , Somalia and Burundi .
19 Nov 2015
The Head of Offic and the Peace Advisor in the Resident Coordinator’s Office Kampala, visited Nakivale refugee settlement.
01 Oct 2015
A total of 921 individuals are residing at Kabazana Reception Centre.
23 Sep 2015
The CERF has approved a funding request coordinated by UNHCR for the Burundi emergency response. towards protection, health, and shelter and non-food items.
05 Aug 2015
Financial Information (2017)
Total appeal
Date of Funding Data 13 October 2017 (1 month ago)

Regional emergencies push Uganda's refugee hosting to breaking point

UNHCR, 21 Dec 2015

KAMPALA, Dec. 18 (Xinhua) – Three emergencies in Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) and South Sudan have push the number of refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda to astronomical levels, forcing the east African country to look up to donors for support. Uganda is currently host to 51... Read more


Deputy High Commissioner Kelly T. Clements was in Uganda from 14-16 November for her first visit to Africa since joining the UN Refugee Agency in July 2015.

UNHCR, 19 Nov 2015

Clements was given a first-hand look at the refugee situation in Uganda, a country which is now host to more than half a million refugees. She was accompanied by Ugandan Commissioner for Refugees David Apollo Kazungu, UNHCR Africa Bureau Director Valentin Tapsoba and UNHCR Representative in Uganda ... Read more


Uganda wants intl. aid to deal with influx of Burundi refugees

PressTV, 06 Jul 2015

Uganda wants intl. aid to deal with influx of Burundi refugees Read more