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  • WFP'S CASH-BASED TRANSFER PROGRAM IN EAST DARFUR A SUCCESS: In 2019, WFP’s cash-based transfers to all South Sudanese refugees in Al Nimir refugee camp (home to more than 12,800 refugees in East Darfur State), have enabled many to rent land and farm their own crops by providing them with the capital they need to purchase the inputs they need and fund land access. Previously, most refugees in the camp were only able to work as labourers on host community farms. UNHCR is discussing with a private sector company how to include the refugee production of peanuts in the already existing host-community value chain
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  • We are pleased to share with you the 2019 mid-year report on the South Sudan Regional Refugee Response Plan (RRRP) and the country mid-year reports from the DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Uganda. So far thanks to your support and efforts we managed to:  Provide 1.27 million South Sudanese refugees with food assistance  Ensure 11,500 South Sudanese refugee mothers delivered their babies safely with the assistance of qualified personnel  Assist 322,000 South Sudanese refugee children to attend early childhood development, primary or secondary school  Plant 622,000 new seedlings and reforest 2,911 hectares of land in Uganda, Kenya and Sudan in an effort to address environmental degradation
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