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  • Thousands flee fresh violence in Central African Republic town of Bambari

    news UNHCR, 27 Jun 2014 (il y a 6 ans )
    BANGUI, Central African Republic, June 27 (UNHCR) – Fresh violence and reprisal attacks in and around the Central African Republic town of Bambari has displaced thousands of people and left at least 45 people dead and scores wounded this week. The violence began early on Monday when armed element...
  • Thousands flee to Uganda after South Sudan flare-up

    news UNHCR, 19 Jul 2016 (il y a 3 ans )
    Nearly 3,000 people fleeing the latest flare-up in South Sudan crossed into Uganda over the weekend and more are expected while tension remains high in the region, the UN refugee agency said today. On Friday and Saturday, 1,326 South Sudanese entered Uganda and a further 1,633 on Sunday. This bro...
  • Thousands flee violence in Central African Republic and seek shelter in in southern Chad

    news UNHCR, 21 Feb 2014 (il y a 6 ans )
    BEKONINGA, Chad, February 17 (UNHCR) – As the humanitarian situation deteriorates in Central African Republic, thousands of traumatized and confused people have been fleeing to towns and villages across neighbouring southern Chad. At the border crossing of Bekoninga, a crowd of mostly women and c...
  • Thousands flee violence in Central African Republic and seek shelter in in southern Chad
    highlight 21 Feb 2014 (il y a 6 ans)
    Chad / Central African Republic - Refugees
  • Thousands fleeing new violence in South Sudan’s Central Equatoria State

    news UNHCR, 12 Feb 2019 (il y a 1 an )
    It’s estimated that 5,000 refugees have arrived in several border villages near the town of Ingbokolo, in north-east DRC’s Ituri province, according to local village chiefs. There are reports that an additional 8,000 people are displaced inside South Sudan, on the outskirts of the town of Yei.
  • Thousands of Boko Haram refugees "stranded" in Chad

    news IRIN, 11 Feb 2015 (il y a 5 ans )
    DAKAR, 11 February 2015 (IRIN) - Many fled the killings by canoe and had no time to take anything with them as they paddled for their lives across Lake Chad. Now thousands of Nigerians who escaped attacks by Boko Haram are stuck on some of the countless little islands that dot the lake and are in di...
  • Thousands of Cameroonian youths demonstrate against attacks by Boko Haram

    news CAMEROON ON LINE, 28 Feb 2015 (il y a 5 ans )
    YAOUNDE, Cameroon – Thousands of Cameroonian youths marched through the capital Saturday to show support for the military’s battle against attacks by neighboring Nigeria’s Islamic extremists...
  • Thousands of DR Congo refugees escaping violence to Uganda

    news Al Jazeera, 13 Apr 2018 (il y a 2 ans )
    Al Jazeera travels Lake Albert, on the DR Congo-Uganda border, to meet some of the refugees who have fled violence in Congo.
  • Thousands of Nigeria's returning refugees need humanitarian assistance – UN refugee agency

    news UN, 02 Jun 2017 (il y a 3 ans )
    2 June 2017 – As thousands of refugees return from Cameroon to north-eastern Nigeria, straining the few existing services and creating a new emergency, the United Nations refugee agency is stepping up its response to improve conditions