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  • “TO PROTECT HER HONOUR”: Child marriage in emergencies – the fatal confusion between protecting girls and sexual violence

    Advocacy tool (not an assessment)
    Türkiye Turkey / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • “Supporting the National Institutions in Turkey to Mitigate the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis” project which is co-financed by the EU and the Republic of Turkey launched in Izmir.
    highlight 04 May 2018 (5 years ago)
  • “Má distribuição dos recursos naturais aumenta refugiados e deslocados em África”

    news Jornal de Angola, 04 Mar 2019 (4 years ago )
    Ao intervir no acto comemorativo do Dia Africano do Ambiente e de Wangari Maathai que Angola acolhe, Josefa Sacko disse que diante do crescimento demográfico, conjugado com os desafios das alterações climáticas, os recursos naturais em África estão a ser explorados de forma insustentável. A comissá...
  • “Maharat Career Fair” was organized in cooperation with UNHCR and its partner IMC and 327 participants, including 285 Syrians, attended the fair.
    highlight 21 Dec 2016 (6 years ago)
    Syrian Arab Republic Türkiye / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • “Les frontières avec l’État du Tchad serviront pour l’échange de bénéfices, pas pour l’échange d’armes et d’opposants” Oumar El-Béchir

    news Tchad Infos, 19 Sep 2017 (6 years ago )
    En visite dans la ville d’El-Geneina, au Darfour, dans l’ouest du Soudan, le président soudanais, Oumar Hassan El-Béchir a fait un discours, ce mardi 19 septembre 2017, évoquant la situation à la frontière entre son pays et le Tchad. Pour le chef de l’Etat soudanais, il y a une nécessité d’assurer l...
  • “How Kenya's unemployment rate rose highest in E. Africa” The number of Kenyans out of work has doubled over a decade of infrastructure-fuelled economic growth and faster adoption of technology that has left East Africa’s largest economy with the highest unemployment rate in the region. World Bank data shows 5.7 percent of Kenya’s labour force was out of work in 2021, up from 2.8 percent when the Jubilee administration took over in 2013. Kenya has a youth bulge, with 18-34-year-olds making up 25 percent of the population, and those below 15 making up 43 percent. This part of the population can be a blessing or a curse, for instance fueling crime and social unrest. Read more here:
    highlight 09 Sep 2022 (1 year ago)
  • “Cuidando do meio ambiente cuidamos de nós mesmos”

    news ACNUR Brasil, 05 Jun 2020 (3 years ago )
    Iniciativa ambiental coordenada por voluntários venezuelanos traz práticas educativas de plantio e conscientização em abrigo de Boa Vista
  • “Como forma de retribuir, eu colaboro com entusiasmo e alegria”

    news ACNUR Brasil, 28 May 2020 (3 years ago )
    Quase 500 venezuelanos abrigados em Roraima se voluntariam em comitês de participação comunitária para ajudar a manter refugiados e migrantes seguros da COVID-19
  • “Che nazionalità avrà se è nato su una barca?,” chiede un compagno. “Mediterraneo,” risponde un altro. La storia di Hussam, nato dal mare. (
    highlight 29 Sep 2015 (8 years ago)
    Italy / Various - Refugees/Migrants
  • “Boko Haram is not yet in the past, but still in the present”

    news Heinrich Böll Foundation, 19 Oct 2016 (7 years ago )
    First Foreign Minister Steinmeier in Nigeria, then Nigerian President Buhari in Germany: At the beginning of October, German politics on Africa was busy on migration and refugee issues in West Africa, especially Nigeria. But the crisis of internally displaced people within Nigeria is far greater: mo...