Protection - Ecuador

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UNHCR's primary mandate is to ensure the international protection of people who have been forced to flee or are stateless, in close collaboration with national authorities, non-governmental organizations and communities. The international protection of refugees begins with guaranteeing their admission to a safe country of asylum, guaranteeing the recognition of asylum and ensuring respect for their fundamental rights, including the right not to be forcibly returned to a country where their safety or survival is at risk.

This page contains information on some of the activities carried out by UNHCR in Ecuador, both in terms of legal protection and community protection, and access to rights.

Monitoreo de Protección - Tablero Interactivo
Consultores ACNUR en la Defensoría Pública
Consultores ACNUR en la Defensoría del Pueblo
Consultores ACNUR en CNII y Juntas Cantonales de Protección de Derechos
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