Refugees / Migrants from Yemen

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Walking and collecting, Yemeni keeps hopes alive in exile

UNHCR, 23 Mar 2016

MARKAZI CAMP, Djibouti, March 23 (UNHCR) – Before the war forced him to flee his home, Abdillahi Bashraheel had two hobbies: he was a long-distance walker, and a coin collector. The first was a habit he fell into when he was a young roads surveyor in rural Yemen, tramping for hours in the heat to... Read more


Asylum through the eyes of Fatuma, aged two

UNHCR, 01 Dec 2015

Two-and-a-half-year-old Fatuma lives with parents, two brothers, grandmother and auntie in a bare one-bedroom apartment in Djibouti city. They left Yemen in March to escape the war, landing in Obock and later moving to Djibouti city so that Fatuma’s brother Abdulaziz, who is gravely ill, could be cl... Read more


Yemeni refugees seek shelter in Djibouti (Photo Essay)

Oualid Khelifi, Al Jazeera, 14 Nov 2015

Markazi refugee camp, Djibouti - As fighting intensifies in Yemen, over 120,000 people have fled since April. Around 30,000 of those have sought safety across the Gulf of Aden in Djibouti. Since late September, the population of Markazi camp near the Djiboutian coastal town of Obock has quadruple... Read more


The fate of Yemenis in Djibouti city

UNHCR, 01 Nov 2015

In Djibouti city, Yemenis who have fled the war in their country live in limbo. Should they remain in Djibouti, uncertain of the future, searching for ever-elusive jobs? Seek to resettle in another country? Or return to Yemen? UNHCR spoke to a group of them. According to the International Organiz... Read more


Djibouti: Adjusting to life in Markazi refugee camp

UNHCR, 30 Oct 2015

Two young Yemeni women who have developed a close friendship in Markazi camp recount how the conflict has turned their lives upside down. From university students with promising futures to camp dwellers, Khadija and Hannah (names changed to preserve privacy) try to rebuild their lives. Khadija w... Read more

As of 16 May, UNHCR has received 24% of the USD 79.8 million requested for the Yemen situation. The funding gap stands at USD 60.7 million.
16 May 2017
UNHCR condemns the 16 March incident in which 42 people, including refugees, were killed when a boat carrying around 145 passengers - among them women and children - came under fire off Yemen’s west coast, near Al Hudaydah.
20 Mar 2017
As of 31 December, 2016, a total of 92,603 individuals have arrived into the Horn of Africa from Yemen since the conflict began in March 2015.
01 Jan 2017
While the situation inside Yemen remains unpredictable, the rate of new arrivals from Yemen to the Horn of Africa has slowed significantly in 2016.
01 Sep 2016
As of 01 March 2016, 173,197 individuals from Yemen have arrived into the region, including 82,317 into the Horn of Africa (Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia & Sudan)
01 Mar 2016
Data on sea arrivals in Yemen show that despite the ongoing conflict some 92,446 people arrived in Yemen by boat in 2015. This is one of the highest annual totals of the past decade. A full two thirds arrived since March 2015 when the conflict began.
25 Jan 2016
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