Refugees from the Central African Republic

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Refugees from the Central African Republic JSON 
Last updated 30 Apr 2020
Source - UNHCR 
Refugees from the Central African Republic JSON 
Source - UNHCR
Refugees from the Central African Republic JSON 
Location name Source Data date Population
Boyabo UNHCR 31 Dec 2019
Libenge UNHCR 31 Dec 2019
Mole UNHCR 30 Apr 2020
Zongo UNHCR 31 Dec 2019

  Latest Documents

As one year ends, Central African refugees make a wish for 2015

UNHCR, 08 Jan 2015

As people around the world ushered in the New Year last week, refugees at a camp in northern Democratic Republic of the Congo joined in the celebrations, uncertain of what 2015 will bring them. And they put on a pretty good show with a Michael Jackson lookalike warming up the crowds of revellers at ... Read more


Cash grants transform life in Congo camp for CAR refugees

UNHCR, 03 Oct 2014

The market in Mole refugee camp was buzzing on a recent Saturday morning, with stalls selling everything from fish, goat meat, cassava and vegetables to clothes, cosmetics, household items and electronic equipment. Just two months earlier, the place had been half empty. That all changed when the Wor... Read more


Capoeira brings leisure and peace-building for refugees in northern DR Congo

UNHCR, 19 Sep 2014

It's a hot, muggy Saturday afternoon in the Mole refugee camp, but while many people are taking a siesta, a hardy group of young men and women are indulging in their new obsession – capoeira. The Brazilian martial art includes elements of dance, acrobatics and music, and it is keeping people occupie... Read more


Bijou’s Story, Democratic Republic of Congo

UNHCR, 30 Jun 2014

Bijou Ngunzoni Fatuma, 42, is a refugee from Central African Republic living in Boyabu camp in Equateur, province of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her torment began on the 6th May 2013 when her husband and his second wife were assassinated. “My neighbor came running to tell me that my husband an... Read more