Refugees from Burundi: Total

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Refugees from Burundi: Total JSON 
Last updated 31 Jan 2019
Source - UNHCR, Government, MIDIMAR 
A note on the refugee population from Burundi
The above total reflects the refugee population covered by the Burundi Regional Refugee Response Plan and includes Burundian refugees who fled since April 2015, as well as some 37,000 Burundian refugees who had sought asylum in the region prior to April 2015. In addition to the population above, there are some 13,000 Burundian refugees and asylum seekers in Kenya, 8,700 in Mozambique, 7,700 in Malawi, 8,900 in South Africa and 4,900 in Zambia who are assisted within the respective country-level programmes. A further 42,000 Burundian refugees, who have lived for decades in Tanzania, no longer receive assistance and are not included in these figures.
Refugees from Burundi: Breakdown By Location JSON 
Location name Source Data date Population
Democratic Republic of the Congo UNHCR, Government 31 Jan 2019
Rwanda UNHCR, Government, MIDIMAR 31 Jan 2019
Tanzania (United Republic of) UNHCR, Government 31 Dec 2018
Uganda 31 Jan 2019

Refugees from Burundi: Demography Chart JSON 
Source - UNHCR, Government, MIDIMAR

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UNHCR Chief calls for more international support for Tanzania

UNHCR, 10 Feb 2019

Seventy-four per cent of Tanzania’s refugees and asylum seekers are from Burundi, and the other 26 per cent are from the DRC. The vast majority live in camps close to the border areas, and many have been there for decades. Read more


UNHCR and partners seek US$296 million for Burundi refugee crisis

UNHCR, 15 Jan 2019

Burundi is one of the most neglected refugee situations globally. And measurably so; In 2018 it was among the world’s least-funded. Read more


UNHCR’s new 2 Billion Kilometres to Safety campaign invites the public to step in solidarity with refugees

UNHCR Africa, 08 Jan 2019

“At a time when we are facing so many misconceptions about refugees, it is vital that we remind ourselves of the real and dangerous journeys they are forced to take.” Read more


Kigali sees economic sense in helping refugee entrepreneurs

UNHCR Africa, 27 Dec 2018

“The Government of Rwanda is very keen to continue supporting refugees through targeted assistance which includes their socio-economic inclusion,” explains Veneranda Ingabire, Senior Manager of the Special Projects Unit in MINEMA. Read more


States reach historic deal for refugees and commit to more effective, fairer response

UNHCR, 18 Dec 2018

“No country should be left alone to respond to a huge influx of refugees,” said the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi. “Refugee crises call for a global sharing of responsibility, and the compact is a powerful expression of how we work together in today’s fragmented world.” Read more


Regional overview of the Burundian refugee population

Regional RRP Financial Information (2018)
Total appeal
Date of Funding Data 15 January 2019 (1 month ago)
UNHCR Chief calls for more international support for Tanzania. Concluding a four-day visit to East African nation, Filippo Grandi urges greater investment for north-west regions hosting 330,000 refugees.
08 Feb 2019
The Government of Uganda, Partners in Development and UN agencies today launched the Health Response Plan that will ensure equitable access to quality health services for hundreds of thousands of refugees and host communities in Uganda.
25 Jan 2019
Access to education beyond primary school is far from what it should be. Just 20% of secondary school-aged Burundian refugee children are enrolled in education.
18 Jan 2019
UNHCR, the Office of the Prime Minster (OPM) and partner agencies today officially launched a communication system for refugees and asylum seekers in Uganda. The two-way communication system is being rolled out to all refugee settlements in Uganda and is anticipated to cover the entire refugee operation by February 2019.
16 Jan 2019
Burundian refugee women and girls are suffering high levels of sexual and gender-based violence and exploitation. Makeshift and dilapidated shelters provide little protection.
16 Jan 2019
The consequences of underfunding are being felt across the board by Burundian refugees in four neighbouring countries, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda.
15 Jan 2019
Dar es Salaam, 8 February 2019 – The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, ended his four-day visit to Tanzania.
UN High Commissioner for Refugees praised Tanzania for supporting the Global Compact on Refugees, an approach which calls for greater international support to host countries.
Nomzamo Mbatha appointed UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador
Since 2017, Mbatha has worked in close in cooperation with UNHCR as a High Profile Supporter and advocate for UNHCR’s LuQuLuQu campaign, raising awareness for the forcibly displaced in Africa.
UN General Assembly agrees on an innovative global framework to better serve the forcibly displaced and their host communities.
After two years of extensive consultations led by UNHCR with member states, international organizations, refugees, civil society, the private business sector and experts, this new global deal will provide more robust support for the countries where most refugees live.
UN Refugee Agency, and 35 partners are today jointly appealing for US$296 million to provide desperately needed aid in 2019 to some 345,000 Burundian refugees in neighbouring countries.
Children, who make up more than half of the refugee population, are bearing the brunt.
UN refugee chief welcomes cities’ support for refugees
“We think that an inclusive approach, based on investment in education and employment, is a much better and more sustainable, more dignified, model that really gives refugees opportunities for the future,” the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said. “It is cities that are at the forefront in implementing these policies.”