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  • A medida que la COVID-19 sacude a América Latina, los venezolanos se enfrentan a una ola de desalojos

    news ACNUR, 02 Oct 2020 (1 year ago )
    La pérdida de empleos debido a las medidas de confinamiento ha hecho que sea imposible para los refugiados y migrantes venezolanos vulnerables mantener un techo sobre sus cabezas.
  • Es necesario intensificar el apoyo para los desplazados internos

    news ACNUR, 16 Apr 2020 (1 year ago )
    Sumbul Rizvi, del ACNUR, reflexiona sobre por qué los Principios Rectores sobre el desplazamiento interno siguen siendo tan importantes, especialmente en medio de los nuevos peligros que plantea el coronavirus.
  • Colombia gives Venezuela newborns a start in life

    news UNHCR Stories, 14 Oct 2019 (2 years ago )
    New measure grants citizenship to the children born to Venezuelan parents on Colombia soil, helping thousands at risk of statelessness.
  • Pregnant women flee lack of maternal health care in Venezuela

    news UNHCR News, 23 Jul 2019 (2 years ago )
    Thousands of pregnant women have left Venezuela to protect the lives of their unborn babies and their own.
  • Venezuelans risk life and limb to seek help in Colombia

    news UNHCR News, 05 Apr 2019 (2 years ago )
    With the international border bridge that connects Colombia with Venezuela currently shut, Venezuelans seeking urgent help are being forced to cross into Colombia through the torrential waters of a border river in full spate. At a communal kitchen supported by UNCHR and run by the local Catholic Chu...
  • Swollen rivers, mass crowding, add to risks at Venezuela borders

    news UNHCR News, 05 Apr 2019 (2 years ago )
    Despite Venezuela having officially closed its land borders with neighbouring Colombia and Brazil as of 23 February, thousands of people are still leaving the country daily. Many are risking their lives in the process, either wading across torrential rivers or risking exploitation and abuse by ar...
  • UNHCR opens reception centre near Colombian border to assist vulnerable Venezuelans

    news UNHCR News, 08 Mar 2019 (2 years ago )
    UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, together with the Colombian authorities, is opening today a reception centre to offer support to vulnerable refugees and migrants from Venezuela in the border city of Maicao, in La Guajira region. The Integrated Assistance Centre, set up at the request of national and l...
  • France gives a hand to Venezuelans through UNHCR

    news UNHCR News, 06 Feb 2019 (2 years ago )
    France responded to UNHCR's call to improve the conditions of more than 1 million refugees and migrants from Venezuela who have arrived in Colombia, in search of protection and access to decent living conditions. The European country donated USD 500,000 to respond to the needs of Venezuelans in Colo...