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  • 3 million Venezuelans living outside their country and 2.4 million of them residing in Latin American and Caribbean countries.
    highlight 08 Nov 2018 (1 year ago)
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  • 81,000 Venezuelans have entered Peru between January – July 2017, 60% entered through the northern border crossing of Tumbes.
    highlight 15 Nov 2017 (2 years ago)
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  • A chance to live: The quest of Venezuelan refugees and migrants with HIV/AIDS

    news UNHCR News, 30 Nov 2018 (1 year ago )
    Over three million refugees and migrants have left Venezuela to date. The lack of medicine has forced thousands – especially those with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS – to search for treatment and hope in other countries. For people living with HIV/AIDS, having access to antiretroviral treatm...
  • A donation from the América Mineiro club makes a difference at a small soccer school in Boa Vista that unites Venezuelans and Brazilians

    news UNHCR News, 19 Feb 2019 (1 year ago )
    Throughout the week, more than a hundred children from Brazil and Venezuela have soccer classes at a small school of Venezuelan coach Luis Madrid, located in Boa Vista (Roraima). On February, the training included a special visit from the technical committee of the América Fútbol Club de Minas, whic...
  • A hello, a relief

    news UNHCR Web Story, 17 May 2018 (2 years ago )
    An initiative from Telecoms Without Borders allows Venezuelans living in Boa Vista, Brazil to call for free their families and friends in Venezuela.