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  • Arte e ativismo: Venezuelanas e brasileiras grafitam muro pelo fim da violência de gênero

    news ACNUR Brasil, 08 Dec 2017 (2 years ago )
    Em Roraima, mulheres se unem para pintar imagens e mensagens de união e empoderamento como parte das atividades dos 16 Dias de Ativismo pelo Fim da Violência Contra as Mulheres.
  • Sabores de Ander: un poco de Venezuela en Perú

    news ACNUR Perú, 26 Feb 2018 (2 years ago )
    Entre 2014 y 2017 más de 100,000 venezolanos solicitaron asilo en el mundo, 15,000 de estas personas lo hicieron en Perú. Ander es uno de ellos.
  • Brazilian volunteers lend helping hand to Venezuelans

    news UNHCR Web Story, 06 Apr 2018 (2 years ago )
    Thousands fleeing inflation, shortages and political unrest in Venezuela are in need of urgent assistance in Brazil.
  • UNHCR opens reception centre near Colombian border to assist vulnerable Venezuelans

    news UNHCR News, 08 Mar 2019 (1 year ago )
    UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, together with the Colombian authorities, is opening today a reception centre to offer support to vulnerable refugees and migrants from Venezuela in the border city of Maicao, in La Guajira region. The Integrated Assistance Centre, set up at the request of national and l...
  • Venezuelan asylum-seekers strengthen Brazil’s workforce

    news UNHCR News, 16 Nov 2018 (1 year ago )
    Since 2015, 2.3 million people have left Venezuela. Over 150,000 Venezuelans have entered Brazil through the remote northern state of Roraima, and more than 65,000 requested asylum thus far. In Boa Vista there were no stable jobs and the shelter was crowded, but thanks to a government-led voluntary ...
  • Young people dance to promote inclusion in Panama

    news UNHCR News, 16 Nov 2018 (1 year ago )
    The dance project led by the community and supported by the Youth Initiatives Fund of UNHCR promotes social and cultural integration in Panama, while young refugees migrants, and locals dance to blur the lines of exclusion. Balance and discipline are disseminated in the dance studio of "Enlaces" ...
  • Venezuelan refugee girl wins third place in children and youth contest on refugees

    news UNHCR News, 07 Dec 2018 (1 year ago )
    Sofia is 10 years old and for two years, she has lived as a refugee in Mexico. Her story as a refugee girl begins the day her parents told her to pack everything, since they were moving on the very next day. Sofia packed some toys and clothes, but also a Venezuelan flag, which she folded in her back...
  • Displaced Colombians open their doors to Venezuelan refugees and migrants

    news UNHCR News, 14 Dec 2018 (1 year ago )
    Over three million Venezuelans have left their home country. An estimated 5,500 cross every day to Colombia with the purpose of staying in the country or continuing their journey southwards. Over 35,000 people enter Colombia every day through the crossing in the North Santander region, many of th...
  • São Paulo helps refugees find their feet in Brazil

    news UNHCR News, 17 Dec 2018 (1 year ago )
    The stream of refugees and migrants crossing from Venezuela to Brazil has increased exponentially over the last five years, with almost 200,000 arriving since the start of 2017. Of these, more than 100,000 have since moved on, leaving the current total in the country at some 98,000 with an average o...