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  • Convoys to safety

    news UNHCR, 01 Apr 2012 (8 years ago )
    At Mauritania's border with Mali, a convoy of vehicles sets off with more than 1,500 Malian refugees to Mbera, a camp established 50 kilometres away.
  • Mauritanie Visite au milieu du désert

    news UNHCR, 03 Apr 2012 (8 years ago )
    Le Haut Commissaire des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés António Guterres se rend au nord-ouest de la Mauritanie, auprès des réfugiés parmi les plus isolés au monde
  • UNHCR and WFP chiefs highlight plight of Mali refugees in Niger

    news UNHCR, 07 May 2012 (8 years ago )
    NIAMEY, Niger, May 7 (UNHCR) – UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres has called on the international community to help Malian refugees and host communities in Niger and said a political solution was urgently needed to prevent the situation in the Sahel region from turning into a global ...
  • Ambassador David J. Lane, US Representative to the UN Food and Agricultural Agencies in Rome visited Mangaize camp

    news UNHCR, 17 Aug 2012 (8 years ago )
    On the 9th of August, Ambassador David J. Lane, US Representative to the UN Food and Agricultural Agencies in Rome visited Mangaize camp. The visit was organized by the WFP and the FAO. WFP and UNICEF Representants Mrs Brown and Mr Cornale took part in the visit led by UNHCR Team Leader Mr Adossi. A...
  • UNHCR Burkina Faso: Launch of Food and Cash Transfers by UNHCR-WFP Sag-nioniogo camp on 21 and 22 August, 2013

    news UNHCR Burkina Faso, 21 Aug 2013 (7 years ago )
    On the 21 and 22 August, 2013, WFP with support from UNHCR launched the cash-transfers mixed with food distribution in Sag-nioniogo camp. This new way of distributing food and cash results from a cash feasibility study undertaken jointly by UNHCR and WFP during the Food Assessment done in April 2...
  • UNHCR Burkina Faso: Launch Biometric Registration Level III in Burkina Faso on the 19 August, 2013

    news UNHCR Burkina Faso, 19 Aug 2013 (7 years ago )
    On the 19 August 2013, UNHCR and the Government of Burkina Faso represented by the CONAREF (Commission Nationale Pour les Réfugiés), in collaboration with several implementing partners, launched the Biometric Registration Level III of Refugees residing in Burkina Faso at the Refugee Community Center...
  • Chad: Humanitarian community responds as hundreds flee Nigeria

    news OCHA, 13 Aug 2014 (6 years ago )
    UN humanitarian agencies in Chad have assisted nearly 1,000 people who fled violence in north-eastern Nigeria in the past week. The Government of Chad contacted the UN on Friday 1 August with reports that hundreds of people crossed from Nigeria into Chad’s largely inaccessible Lake Chad border re...
  • Mali: Dialogue inter-malien: le début des négociations de paix reporté

    news RFI, 21 Oct 2014 (6 years ago )
    Les pays de la région s'inquiète des attaques terroristes, dénoncées dimanche matin sur RFI par Hervé Ladsous. Le chef des missions de maintien de la paix de l'ONU a demandé aux mouvements armés de mieux collaborer pour lutter contre le terrorisme. A Alger, leurs représentants estiment que la déclar...
  • Nigeria : explosion dans une gare routière, cinq morts

    news, 23 Oct 2014 (6 years ago )
    Cinq personnes ont péri dans l’explosion d’une gare routière de l’Etat de Bauchi, dans le nord du Nigeria. Nouveau drame dans le nord du Nigeria. Au moins cinq personnes ont péri dans l’explosion, mercredi, dans une gare routière de l’Etat de Bauchi. « Il y a eu une énorme explosion, mercredi 22 ...
  • Nigeria says Boko Haram negotiations are 'ongoing'

    news BBC, 29 Oct 2014 (5 years ago )
    Nigeria says it is still holding talks with Boko Haram, two weeks after the government said it had agreed a truce with the Islamist militant group. A presidential spokesman said he was optimistic that something "concrete and positive" would come out of the talks. There has been no comment fr...