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  • Présidentielle au Congo : Sassou Nguesso en tête selon des résultats partiels

    news France 24, 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago )
    Le président sortant Denis Sassou Nguesso est donné largement en tête du premier tour de la présidentielle, selon des résultats partiels. L'opposition, qui conteste ce scrutin, demande au peuple "d'exercer sa souveraineté". Selon des résultats partiels annoncés mardi 22 mars, deux jours après l’é...
  • တၢ်ကသူၣ်ထီၣ်ကၠိလွံၢ်ဖျၢၣ်ဒီးကျဲမုၢ်တဘိအဂီၢ်ကီၢ်ယပၣ်ကဟ့ၣ်မၤစၢၤဝဲကျိၣ်စ့(၇၃၉,၂၆၂)ဒီလၣ်

    news The Global New Light of Myanmar, 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago )
    ကီၢ်ယပၣ်မီၢ်သီ(Mr. Tateshi HIGUCHI) အၢၣ်လီၤဝဲဒၣ်လၢကဟ့ၣ်လီၤဝဲစ့ဆီၣ်ထွဲမၤစၢၤလၢတၢ်တိာ်ကျဲၤယဲၢ်မံၤအဂီၢ်အဖီခိၣ်ဆဲးလီၤသကိးဝဲစုမုၢ်ကျၢၢ် ဒီးကီၢ်စဲၣ်ဃုာ်ဒီးလီၢ်ကဝီၤကမံးတံးအပှၤပၢၤလီၢ်ဆ့ၣ်နီၤလၢအဘၣ်ထွဲဘၣ်ဃးတဖၣ်ဖဲလါမးၡး(၁၇)သီအနံၤန့ၣ်လီၤ. ဒ်တၢ်အၢၣ်လီၤအီလီၤအိၣ်ဝဲအသိးလၢဂံၢ်ခီၣ်ထံးတၢ်ဘံၣ်တၢ်ဘၢတၢ်တိာ်ကျဲၤအဂီၢ်...
  • Niger: Mahamadou Issoufou reelected president with 92,49% of the votes in the second round of presidential elections, according to official results
    highlight 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago)
    Cameroon Mali / Mali - Refugee Returnees Mauritania / Mali - Refugees Burkina Faso / Mali - Refugees Niger / Mali - Refugees / Burkina Faso - Refugees / Mali - IDPs / Mali - Refugee Returnees / Niger - Refugees / Mauritania - Refugees
  • Food shortages drive Nigeria's displaced from host families to camps

    news Thomson Reuters Foundation, 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago )
    By Kieran Guilbert DAKAR, March 23 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - People uprooted by Boko Haram violence in northeast Nigeria are leaving host families and moving to camps for the displaced as food becomes increasingly scarce, the European Commission's humanitarian arm (ECHO) said on Wednesday. ...
  • စာသင်ကျောင်း(၄)ကျောင်းနှင့်လမ်းမကြီးတစ်လမ်းတည်ဆောက်ရန်ဂျပန်မှ အမေရိကန်ဒေါ်လာ (၇၃၉,၂၆၂)ပေးအပ်

    news The Global New Light of Myanmar, 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago )
    မတ်လ(၁၇)ရက်နေ့၌ ဂျပန်သံအမတ်ကြီး Mr. Tateshi HIGUCHI နှင့်သက်ဆိုင်ရာပြည်နယ်နှင့်တိုင်းဒေသကြီးများမှကော်မတီဝင်ဥက္ကဌများ သည်စီမံကိန်း(၅)ခုအတွက်အထောက်အပံ့ပေးရေးသဘောတူစာချုပ်များကိုလက်မှတ်ရေးထိုးခဲ့သည်။ ဂျပန်နိုင်ငံအစိုးရသည်၎င်း၏အသေးစားစီမံကိန်းများထောက်ပံ့ပေးရေးအစီအစဉ်အရစုစုပေါင်းအမေရိကန်ဒေါ်လာ(၇၃...
  • In Maban County, local authorities opened a newly constructed road, funded by UNHCR, connecting host community villages to services in Yusuf Batil refugee camp.
    highlight 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago)
    South Sudan / South Sudan - Refugees
  • UNHCR chief in Canada hails PM's leadership in global affairs.
    highlight 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago)
    Syrian Arab Republic Turkey / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees Lebanon / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees Jordan / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees Egypt / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees Iraq / Iraq - IDPs / Syrian Arab Republic - Refugees
  • Walking and collecting, Yemeni keeps hopes alive in exile

    news UNHCR, 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago )
    MARKAZI CAMP, Djibouti, March 23 (UNHCR) – Before the war forced him to flee his home, Abdillahi Bashraheel had two hobbies: he was a long-distance walker, and a coin collector. The first was a habit he fell into when he was a young roads surveyor in rural Yemen, tramping for hours in the heat to...
  • Views from the Field: In Conversation with the Head of Delegation to Chad

    news European Commission, 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago )
    Located in Central Africa, Chad is a landlocked country recovering from conflict. While it has stabilised itself in recent years, Chad still faces many challenges, from conflicts in neighbouring countries resulting in increased migration, to the rise in popularity of Boko Haram. Denisa-Elena Ionete ...
  • UK Offers to Help Nigeria to Investigate Terrorism, Money Laundering Cases

    news This Day, 23 Mar 2016 (4 years ago )
    Tobi Soniyi in Abuja The federal government’s ongoing fight against corruption has received a boost as the United Kingdom has offered to help Nigeria in tracking terrorism, money laundering and other form of organised crimes. A statement issued in Abuja on Tuesday by the Special Adviser to the ...