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Number of partners: 692

  • Kudra for Social Development Solutions

    Kudra for Social Development Solutions


    Kudra works to achieve all the elements of success and to target real development that achieves balance through human development,enabling environment development and resources investment through the following areas of work (Research & Analytics and Capacity Building & Development)
  • Yuva Association

    Yuva Association


    YUVA aims to foster a life that respects the rights of all living beings and future generations. Our vision is to create a future where there is no inequality and poverty, sustainable life practices are adapted and implemented, rights of all living beings are equal and respected. YUVA carries out its work with an objective of supporting the personal development of adults and youth through non-formal education and lifelong learning, increasing the ecological awareness and contributing to eliminating the poverty.
  • Arbeiter – Samariter – Bund


    Arbeiter – Samariter – Bund (ASB)
  • Italian Refugee Council


    The Italian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organization formed in 1990 in Italy, at the initiative of the United Nations, with theThe objective of defending the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. The CIR works to encourage access to the protection of people fleeing from war and persecution and to help build decent reception and integration conditions in full respect for human rights. The CIR is a onlus, endowed with legal personality, and has a light structure of legal practitioners, social, cultural mediators, doctors and psychologists. CIR operates at national and European level as well as in North Africa, in a coordinated manner with other civil society organisations. The CIR does not have a specific state funding but operates on the basis of projects approved and financed by the UN, the European Union, the Italian Government, regions, municipalities and private foundations.
  • Humanitarian Development Consortium

    Humanitarian Development Consortium


    Established in 2008, Humanitarian and Development Consortium (HDC) is a national NGO delivering high-quality programming to beneficiaries across South Sudan in four core areas, outlined below. HDC programming is directed at refugees, returnees, vulnerable host communities, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in South Sudan. The organization strives to facilitate people-centered development programs, supporting crisis-intervention as well as livelihoods-focused initiatives that create opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged people.
  • Society for the Development and Creative Occupation of Children

    Society for the Development and Creative Occupation of Children


    Society for the Development and Creative Occupation of Children (EADAP)
  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people who take injustice personally. We are campaigning for a world where human rights are enjoyed by all.
  • Asociación Inmigrante Feliz

    Asociación Inmigrante Feliz

    Creada en el 2018 por 5 migrantes Venezolanos en Chile. Inmigrante Feliz está comprometida con el desarrollo de programas psicoemocionales, especialmente dirigidos a la felicidad de la población migrante. 
  • Civil Construyendo Caminos de Esperanza frente a la Injusticia, el Rechazo y el Olvido


    CCEFIRO es una Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro bajo el mandato social "Construyendo Caminos de Esperanza frente a la Injusticia, el Rechazo y el Olvido". Es una iniciativa de un grupo de personas viviendo con VIH y SIDA. Trabajamos para la defensa y promoción de los derechos de las personas que sufren exclusión social, sean estas personas viviendo con VIH o personas en extrema pobreza.