Venezuela Situation: Supplementary Appeal 2018

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Published: 13 March 2018 (8 months ago)
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Venezuela Situation: Supplementary Appeal 2018

Document Type: Funding
Document Language: English
The situation evolving in Venezuela, a country that has traditionally been a generous host to thousands of refugees and third country nationals from the region and other parts of the world, has led to large outflows of its citizens and other residents into the region and beyond. Whilst it is evident not all the Venezuelans leaving their country are prompted to do so for refugee-related reasons, it is becoming increasingly clear that a significant number are indeed in need of international protection. This Supplementary Appeal contains UNHCR's initial requirements, a total of $46 million, for its response to what is referred to as the "Venezuela Situation" in the eight countries and the sub-region most affected by this situation.

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Venezuela Venezuela - Refugees, Venezuela - Asylum-seekers, Venezuela - Refugees/Migrants  (PDF, 7.03 MB)