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  • At the heart of Ethiopia's innovative new refugee framework is a more comprehensive response to displacement in which refugees are included in national services like health and education, rather than setting up parallel systems. It also focuses on ensuring refugees have the opportunity to be self-reliant and can contribute to local economies in a way that also benefits their hosts.
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  • SUSPECTED MEASLES CASES REPORTED IN CAMPS IN WHITE NILE STATE – Over 60 cases among both refugee and host communities have been reported in White Nile State clinics, with 55 of these cases reported in January in Al Redis II, Al Kashafa and Jouri camps. Measles vaccine coverage in the affected refugee camps is less than 50 per cent. A vaccination campaign in White Nile refugee camps is planned for mid-February.
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  • In February, there were reports that 500 South Sudanese returned from Uganda, 200 from Ethiopia and 100 from DRC. Although there is neither facilitation nor promotion of refugee returns to South Sudan, as the current conditions are not yet conducive for durable, safe and dignified returns, UNHCR recognizes the refugees’ right to return and has protection mandate for monitoring refugee returns, including those that return in a self-organized manner
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  • UNICEF & UNHCR held a Regional meeting on the Global Compact On Refugees (GCR) and application of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) in Eastern and Southern Africa (16 and 17 April 2019)
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