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  • A total of 5,020 (58 % from Eastern Equatoria) SSD new arrivals have been registered since 1st January 2017 while a total of 1,418 individuals were registered in March 2017.
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  • AGREEMENT TO ISSUE WORK PERMITS FOR REFUGEES IN KHARTOUM: UNHCR in collaboration with the Commissioner of Refugees (COR) and the Khartoum State Supreme Council for Human Development and Labor (SCHDL) launched the issuance of the work permits for the refugees in Khartoum on 30 October. It was agreed that the work permits and business licenses will function as legal authorization for all refugees to access the labor market, provided they are registered with COR and recognized as refugees, in addition to a referral letter from COR. The requests will be processed through a special window at the Office of Labour in Khartoum state, where dedicated staff will be equipped with general knowledge on refugees’ issues through on the job training. It is expected that approximately 12,273 South Sudanese refugees aged 18 to 59 living in the Open Areas (54% women) could have access to formal labour opportunities by acquiring access to work permits. This would have high impacts on the life of refugees by improving their livelihoods opportunities and the regularization and safety of their employment, which in turn would reduce the levels of poverty and onward movement that exposes refugees to exploitation and human trafficking.
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  • AN INFULX OF CAR REFUGEES CROSSING INTO DARFUR: A total of 7,729 new arrivals have crossed the border from Central Africa Republic to Central and South Darfur due to tribal conflicts. The majority of the new arrivals (6,587 individuals) are currently in South Darfur, Um Dafoug locality where level 1 (house hold) registration was conducted by COR. They arrived after July 2019 and this number is increasing daily. 5,727 of them arrived after the second week of October 2019. 296 households that comprise 1,142 individuals are in Um Dukhun locality in Central Darfur.
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  • According to WFP, import restrictions and clearance delays are driving general food distribution (GFD) gaps to refugees across Sudan. There are ongoing pipeline breaks for pulses, cooking oil and salt, with refugees in most location receiving partial rations with key commodities missing. The cooking oil gap will likely be resolved in April.
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  • According to WHO, the lack of laboratory services remains an ongoing gap for the refugee health response across Sudan.
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  • Acute watery diarrhea (AWD) outbreaks in East Darfur refugee camps have been contained.
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  • Acute watery diarrhea (AWD) within refugee communities has been contained in East Darfur, South Kordofan and White Nile.
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  • Albert Einstein German Academic Refugee Initiative Fund made available 10 scholarships for refugees in South Sudan to enable them to study at universities.
    highlight 27 May 2016 (5 years ago)
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  • Ambassador of Finland visited Pagak entry point and Kule 2 Refugee Camp
    highlight 07 Jul 2014 (7 years ago)
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  • An Australian delegation from the city of Sterling visited Kakuma from 16 -19 Oct. Aim of mission was to fund-raise for education/community and youth projects.
    highlight 30 Oct 2015 (6 years ago)
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